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- General information .

Marnett is registered as a company in the Company Register of Girona, in Volume 1.082, Book 0, Section 8, Folio 124, Page GE 19.621, at Polígono Industrial "El Carrilet", Camí Vell 152-154, 17250 - Castell-Platja d'Aro, telephone 619704711, and CIF tax code B-17517202. Any communication or correspondence from users of Marnett's services should be sent via the Online Customer Service form.

- Services provided.

Marnett offers users marine cleaning vessels for the collection of floating and semi-floating solid residues via its website. Any information provided in this regard concerning the vessels provided by this company is for information purposes only. For more detailed information on any particular vessel, as well as prices and taxes, users should contact Marnett using the Online Customer Service form, by telephone or fax.

- Intellectual Property.

Marnett is the owner of the website, and holder of all intellectual and commercial property rights to said page, and to all contents thereof, in addition to the domain name This "website" in its entirety: text, images, brand names, logos, buttons, software files, colour schemes in addition to the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of its contents, are protected by Spanish and international intellectual and commercial property laws.

Intellectual and commercial property rights to web pages to which the Marnett website redirects users, in addition to the ownership of their contents and domain names, belong to their owners.

The reproduction, in whole or in part, of this website and any of its contents is forbidden without the express written permission of Marnett.

It is expressly forbidden for any page linking to or making mention of the contents of this website to include it within the frames of the original site, as this could cause confusion in the user regarding the ownership of the contents of this website, and thus represent a violation of the commercial property rights of this website. Users must thus be aware that they are entering this website and see in their browser the URL of this website. 

- Protection of Personal Data.

Marnett is the owner of the website Having completed the Online Customer Service Form, the user agrees to the storage of his or her personal data in an electronic data system, created by Marnett for the purposes of keeping users informed about the products offered through this website. In any event, the user is responsible for the veracity of the details supplied by sending the information request form.

In accordance with current data protection legislation, Marnett undertakes to safeguard professional confidentiality with regard to the data provided by the user, and to safeguard them through the use of adequate systems against any alteration, loss, abuse, theft, or unauthorised handling or access. Users of are entitled to access, correct, dispute and cancel the data contained in the electronic data systems of Marnett.

These rights may be exercised following a written request to Marnett, at Polígono Industrial "El Carrilet", Camí Vell 152-154, 17250-Castell-Platja d'Aro, or through the Online Customer Service form. By clicking the "Send" button on the personal data form, users accept and agree to the conditions laid down. Personal data provided will not be supplied to any other company, and will be used only for the purposes of sending you information about products provided by Marnett. Personal data provided will at no time be made available to third parties.

- Limitation of Liability.

Marnett décline toute responsabilité quant aux contenus des pages web auxquelles renvoie le site web et quant aux éventuels manquements à la législation en vigueur de la part des pages web en question.

Marnett décline toute responsabilité quant aux dommages et préjudices directs ou indirects pouvant résulter de l’usage de ce site web ou de ses contenus, y compris les dommages informatiques et la transmission éventuelle de virus.

Girona, December 2002