The first studies with a water jet as a test.
1998 saw the design and production of the first SOLID 300 model. By the following year, a new model, the SOLID 400, was already in production. It had a greater length (5.73m) and beam (1.86m).


The model SOLID 650, was produced in 2001. Its more powerful engine made for greater thrust of collection by its entry jaws. The locomotion of the hydraulic collection system was also redesigned, allowing for simultaneous vertical and perpendicular operation alongside vertical wharfs in port.


It was in 2005 that we put in to the market the model 730 with 7,30 meters of length with many more capacity of load and more length of the collection, supporting the concepts of maneuver and operation capacity of our crafts. Also we improve the collection, automating system of emptying of residues in the containers.


We adapt the progress incorporated in the model 730 to our new model 660, in order to obtain an a little smaller craft and with better services of operation capacity.


Introducing the Model 660 FB equipped with outboard motors, which enables us to obtain a similar features to the model 660 to improve the efficiency, weight, manufacturing costs and environmental regulations.

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